The Sierra Tribal Consortium, Inc./Turtle Lodge Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Recovery Home is licensed and certified by The Department of Health Care Services to operate and maintain a non-medical service to eligible adults who are recovering from problems related to alcohol or other drug misuse or abuse. Our program offers culturally appropriate residential and outpatient treatment at a level of care placement to meet the individuals needs. In addition, we offer a 72-hour non-medical social model withdrawal management/detox program for those participants looking to enter our residential treatment program. We also offer outpatient programs to help individuals and families meet court, CPS, probation/parole and Tribal referral needs. Please see below for a description of each service.

DHCS License 100007AN – Expires 05/31/2025

Phase I – Substance Use Disorder Treatment (Inpatient; Co-Ed)

Our Phase I Residential Program provides evidence-based education that incorporates Native American traditions and spirituality to restore wellness and promote the healing of Native American Indian and Alaska Native peoples.

Phase II – Transitional Living Program (Women and Men)

Applicants for our Phase II Transitional Living Program must be a current resident and successfully complete 120-days of residential treatment. The client’s counselor will assist them through the application process. Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the program and space is limited to four participants. The purpose of our Phase II program is to provide a safe and drug-free living environment while Phase II residents pursue employment and/or educational requirements. The maximum duration of Phase II is not to exceed nine (9) months.

Positive Indian Parenting (Inpatient; Outpatient online only at this time; Co-Ed)

A 12-week Positive Indian Parenting Program is a culturally appropriate parenting program designed to help parents and families remember the teachings of their ancestors and practice them. This program utilizes the NICWA Positive Indian Parenting curriculum to offer participants a structured examination of traditional parenting values.

Anger Management (Inpatient; Outpatient online only at this time; Co-Ed)

A culturally appropriate 12-week Anger Management program that teaches participants anger management skills through learning new emotional coping skills for positive behavior modification.

Healthy Relationships (Inpatient; Outpatient online only at this time; Co-Ed)

A culturally appropriate 12-week Healthy Relationships program that program teaches participants how to identify unhealthy relationships, including how to keep safe and how to build healthy relationships.

Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment (Online only at this time; Co-Ed)

A culturally appropriate 12-week to 6-months outpatient substance use/misuse recovery program. The program provides evidence-based, culturally appropriate education that addresses the unique needs of Native peoples. Outpatient program participants are required to comply with random drug testing and must provide proof of attending at least two support meetings per week.

Aftercare (Online only at this time)

The aftercare program is for participants who have successfully completed the inpatient and/or outpatient program. The aftercare plan will be developed based on the needs of the participant. The participant should attend a minimum of two support meetings per week, and on-on-one counseling sessions twice per month or one support meeting and one counseling session per week.


The Sierra Tribal Consortium, Inc. provides outreach education services to our consortium of Tribes. Contact our office if you have an outreach event you would like us to attend.

Support Groups

The Sierra Tribal Consortium, Inc. holds Wellbriety weekly on Wednesday evenings at our Auberry site. See our calendar for more information.

52-Week Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) (Online only at this time; Men; Women; Not Co-Ed)

Our Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) is certified by the Fresno County Department of Probation, to provide a culturally appropriate 52-week BIP to eligible participants, to assist them in their recovery from the cycle of domestic violence.